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Night Slugged

‚ÄčLately MORRI$' sounds have seeped its way into the ears and hearts of prominent music influentials and publications worldwide-and our only question is what has taken so long? Since first encountering the Lawrence, Kansas DJ/producer late last year through "Rashida Jones", a song that's equally as sexy as the female it alludes to, we were sold on the man's signature seductive take on hip-hop instrumentalism, and have ridden by his side with each new song he offers us. Later this year MORRI$ will debut a release on the highly-esteemed UK record label Night Slugs, and frankly we couldn't think of a better place for him to house such forward-thinking soundscapes. Earlier this month we teamed up with our good friends at Broken Teeth Crew to bring an exclusive performance from this rising star to the great city of Austin, TX. Enjoy the visuals we took with us from that special night above.

Directed by: Benjamin Martinez