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Jaw Jam- U Dont Know (Official Video)

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Trash Vision

"I started working on Untitled EP with the intent of making a weirdo garage-influenced album. I was pretty unsure of how to approach the concept for some time, but the self title really gave me a clearer idea of the direction I was headed in: tom-hit driven basslines, clap-happy drum patterns, eerie vocal cuts. I felt that “U Don't Know” was the most fluid union of these few elements I had been working with. The sort of uneasy vocal echoes leading into the introduction of the chord hits, a stark transition into claps, then falling apart into the SWV hook... this in-and-out movement is something I tried to capture both within particular moments of “U Don't Know” and across the span of the EP.

The film by the guys at Trash Vision truly embodied the movement and hazy production elements that I tried to put forth in this one. Not only is the footage phenomenal, but the desperate male character and open ending really speaks to the feeling I’m trying to portray in the tune - frantic clap patterns leading towards a messy and unnerving peak, only to resolve in wispy chord breaks that leave the listener either frustrated and or (hopefully) eager to dive deeper into the sound…" 

- Jaw Jam

Download Jaw Jam's Untitled EP now here

Filmed by: Trash Vision