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Unearthed: Harry Fraud- Adrift

Unearthed: Harry Fraud- Adrift


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Slip Like Fraudian

​There's an interesting contradiction in what we've come to associate with the introductory vocal drop "La Musica de Harry Fraud." Like all good producers, Harry Fraud has sculpted a distinguishable sound, a unique production voice that shines through on the entirety of his oeuvre. A knack for the cinematic and the epic, long-winded samples and knocking 808s in a low BPM-range serve as the beatmaker's primary touchstones. And yet, the Brooklyn native's output is a long shot from predictable, making him one of the most compelling producers on today's hip-hop circuit.

His versatility is part of the reason for why Harry Fraud can connect with such wide range of guest rappers on his latest Adrift mixtape. The feature list reads like many a rap nerd's wet dream. Bun B, Rick Ross, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Pusha T, Trae Tha Truth, Curren$y. French Montana and Kool G Rap on a tape together. Only a very elite circle of beatsmiths could pull off that kind if lineup right now without turning it into some DJ Khaled-fuckery.

Of course the high-profile guests do their duties in making Adrift work. The all-star ensemble on "Cassette Deck" delivers an instant classic performance with their nostalgia-now nod to Pimp C. Pusha takes it back to Hell Hath No Fury days on the magnificent "Road Runner." Bronson and Brown bring their A-Game. Frenchie kills every hook. G Rap is G Rap.

But Harry Fraud remains the star of the show throughout. He knows what his rappers need and he delivers. Custom-fitted designer zoots from the finest of threads. Every beat vibrates with the unique Fraud vibe reminiscent of a bunch of mobsters feasting on beef carpaccio. They're conceited by design - overblown sketches that transcend the aural realm. The fact that dude digs in places where nobody else digs makes the 23-track ride all the more enticing, serving up curveballs just when you thought you had him all figured out (see "Aura," "Trapzillas," "Deep In The Game"). It's the Fraudian gift of having a clear vision for what he wants his tracks to sound like, while always finding a different route to get there.

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