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Interview: Yung Simmie

Interview: Yung Simmie


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Over the past few years, the Raider Klan have been steady building steam as one of the best rap collectives in the game, but 2013 looks to be the year they finally takeover. With Spaceghostpurrp playing the ringleader role, he has curated a line up of not only great acts, but unique acts who all bring something different to the table. One of our favorite Klan members from 2012 was Florida's own Yung Simmie, who stepped onto he scene with a stout 22-track mixtape, which included one of our favorite songs of the year, the riot starting "Florida Nigga Mentality". Earlier this week, he became the first to strike in 2013 from the Klan, releasing his much anticipated new mixtape Basement Musik. We were able to catch up with Yung Simmie a few days before the release and cut it up with him about the new tape, where his unique style comes from, and what it means to be a Raider.

It's clear you rep Florida, but where specifically did you grow up?

I grew up in Miami, but not really in any single part or section. I've lived all over Miami.

How long have you been rapping for and when did you link up with Raider Klan?

I've been rapping for as long as I can remember. I think it was fourth grade when I wrote my first verse. I knew I wanted to be a rapper way before joining Raider Klan. It was sometime around New Years of last year when I officially joined the Klan.

Last year's XXL Freshman 1993 Mixtape was, at least in our eyes, your breakout project as a Raider Klan member. What priority did that mixtape serve in your mind?

XXL Freshman 1993 was me letting the world know that I actually have bars and come with verses. My first mixtape as a Raider, G Funk Resurrection, was more laid back chilled out stuff and meant to be more about the atmosphere of the track. With XXL Freshmen, I wanted to really prove myself lyrically, and I think I did that.

Your newest mixtape, Basement Musik, just released earlier this week. Talk to us a little about the inspiration behind the project.

Basement Musik is a project I've had in the works for a minute now. Where the title comes from is, back in the day I use to call my recording section in my house the basement, and whenever I'd step up to the mic I'd be like, "man this that basement music!" That real gutter stuff that sounds straight out of the basement. Now that I've got fans and listeners and people who want to hear what Yung Simmie has to say, I'm finally ready to bring the Basement Musik project and concept to life.

Can listeners expect the same kind of vibe on Basement Musik as XXL Freshmen 1993, or do we get a new side of Simmie?

This mixtape definitely features a new side of me people haven't really heard yet. There's a lot of components when it comes to me. I don't have a one track mind and I'm not a one track kind of person. I'm very random, I'm very outgoing. You can definitely expect the unexpected on Basement Musik, But at the end of the day, this that house party music. That's my genre. We lyrical with it and we turning up, which is something a lot of these cats can't bring to the table. XXL was more of a concrete rap mixtape where I came with 22 songs of straight bars. But with Basement Musik, we turn it up to a house party level with the bars. Basement Musik is like a whole different genre.

And speaking on behalf of the whole entire Klan family, this project is real big for all of us as it's how were starting off the new year. We're about to show the world what we're brining to the table in 2013.

Do you have a favorite song you've released so far?

I'm not even gonna lie, I get high and just listen to my music. I love all my music. Like I just get sit back and think "Wow, I made this." So it's hard to think of one that stands out particularly. If I had to choose one though it would definitely be "Florida Nigga Mentality", mainly just because of the way I was feeling when I wrote that song. That track came from deep inside. It was everything I was feeling at the time and trying to hold inside set free onto one track. When I wrote that song I was mad as hell. Some dude had tried me, so instead of physically retaliating, I made the smart choice and picked up a pen and gave myself relief that way. And especially once I heard the beat, I was like "oh lord!" That shit spoke directly to me.

Even thought after I recorded it I knew it was a hit, I was still surprised to see that many people connect with it so much. People started hitting me up saying they got Texas Nigga Mentality and Cali Nigga Mentality. That's serious love, and that's what made me realize I can actually do this shit.

There's a lot of different rap crews out there these days, but what do you think separates Raider Klan from the rest?

Originality, culture, and family. Originality because of the different flavors we bring to the table. Culture because of that inborn down south Miami vibe we all represent. And family because Raider Klan is an actual family. We're going to bring something different, something the game hasn't felt or heard ever before. These other clicks have good collections of artists, but they don't have the culture like we do. Raider Klan is a whole entire movement.

We've seen you voice on Facebook and Twitter for people to send you new beats. What do you look for specifically in a beat?

That's a great question that I'd love to answer because people be sending me the wackest shit! What I look for in a beat…hmm. You know I'm really not looking for too much. I live by the motto I'm gonna do what I can do, and you do what you can do about it. I usually look for something with a nice laid back feel with a little kick to it. When you're making a beat for me, I want you to feel like me when you're making that beat. You can't hear me over it in your head, then don't send it to me.

Is there a member of Raider Klan other than yourself you're especially excited about for 2013?

I'm excited for all my niggas. I'm excited about myself obviously because I get to express and create and do what I do. But I'm excited about everybody. We're going to take over 2013.

In the long run, what can the world expect to get out of Raider Klan?

We turning up to another level. We've been working hard to bring our own personal style to the game and we're going to continue to do that. Honestly, I feel like our game is not the same. We're going to show people you can't only have tight raps, you also got to have family, and love. I know it's been said before, but what we are going to bring to the table is that real shit. We're never going to fabricate anything. We're going to get it how we live. We're bringing back the Phunk. 

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04.04/ 2013

I just started hearing about the raider klan they type wavey, im going 2 listen to florida nigga mentality, the songs i heard from yung simmie was 3hunna, phonk a nigga ,and in the lack

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