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Caught Sleeping: Shakey Graves— Roll The Bones

Credits: Image supplied by Benjamin Oliver Hicks

Caught Sleeping: Shakey Graves— Roll The Bones


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A bone to pick

For the truly breathtaking music he makes, it relieves me so much that Shakey Graves seems so personable too. What I mean is, the last time I got this variety of goosebumps, I was listening to The Tallest Man On Earth. Before that, Ray Lamontagne, before that Willy Mason, and before that, probably Damien Rice. I was kinda caught sleeping on most those guys come to think of it, but the actual similarity I wanted to highlight (aside from them all being unquestionably talented human beans) is that they present such a frustratingly inward front when it comes to the music's social aspect. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but when so much raw emotion and heart is borne from one individual, and that then doesn't necessarily translate in its delivery for the fan, it has the potential to stymie their feelings towards the artist's whole body of work. As a converse example to illustrate a point, I don't care for Johnny Cash much. Its just one of those things. But his magnetism was unavoidable in his time as a performer, and is one I can identify and respect for still having a remarkable pull nowadays.

Originally from Texas, Shakey Graves aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia (both awesome names btw) delivers Roll The Bones intravenously to coarse through you. His weathered voice and wit wraps around his simultaneously perfect and flawed strums like cling film to a frying pan. Never overbearing and often soft, the transition between my favourite album album tracks - 'I'm On Fire' and 'Georgia Moon' - is all the providence you'll need to pay mind to this refreshingly accesible southern talent. 

Name your price to download 'Roll The Bones' LP from Shakey Graves' Bandcamp, according to which, was originally released June 4th 1987. Caught hibernating, then?

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