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Submerse LFTF Mix

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Coverart - Submerse LFTF Mix


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No. 1

  • submerse - This Combo Could End Us Track/ 1
  • Teebs - for phil Track/ 2
  • submerse - Monochrome Track/ 3
  • Kidsuke - MoOoOoOn Track/ 4
  • Mndsgn - Muli(tah) Track/ 5
  • Jay Prince - Trashy Track/ 6
  • Broke & Repeat Pattern - Never Look Back Track/ 7
  • Headshotboyz - Sweet Cabbages Track/ 8
  • Flying Lotus - Until The Colours Come Track/ 9
  • Sweatson Klank - Oblique Track/ 10
  • submerse - Algorithms and Ghosts Track/ 11
  • Atu - Still Here Track/ 12
  • Ta-ku - Diamond Mouth Track/ 13
  • Clams Casino - Bass (A$AP Rocky) Track/ 14
  • Balam Acab - Fairyland Track/ 15
  • Lapalux - School Lunch (Gucci Mane Mix) Track/ 16
  • Kidsuke - Ghostgirl (KRTS RMX)Track/ 17
  • Emufucka - Xanadu (submerse Remix) Track/ 18
  • Kwala x Kondra Kasma - Goldblumer Track/ 19
  • Long Arm - Double Bass In LoveTrack/ 20



Tokyo-based producer Rob Orme aka Submerse is extremely passionate about music. One only has to look at the fact that he has been involved in more than 15 releases since adopting his current moniker some four years ago. That passion is made even more clear with his latest release for Project Mooncircle, his Algorithms and Ghosts EP.

The EP takes inspiration from spending time in the city that he currently calls home. "I took a lot of inspiration from three main points of Tokyo City. There are traditional parks and shrines/temples that really take you away from the high-rise buildings and make you feel like you could be in the countryside. Next, there are typical shops, neon lights, offices and general city life, and lastly, there is the red light area which is a great place to see all walks of life, from gangsters, working girls and strange things behind closed doors. I'm fascinated by this place. It seems like another world to me. I'm always drawn to it out of curiosity, and the feeling I get while passing though is really inspiring." His latest mix for us takes inspiration from that same city. Close your eyes and imagine walking through the crowded streets of one of the world's most dense cities while listening to LFTF Mix #21 by the incredibly talented producer Submerse.

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