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Coverart - SCNTST LFTF Mix


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No. 1

  • Widest Turns IntroTrack/ 1
  • Soundstream - Julie's ThemeTrack/ 2
  • MD X-Spress - God Made Me PhunkyTrack/ 3
  • Hands Up - RapintheairTrack/ 4
  • ??? - ChristkindlTrack/ 5
  • Shxcxchcxsh - NnnccccrrhhTrack/ 6
  • Shadow Dancer - Brown SugarTrack/ 7
  • John Maus - The LawTrack/ 8
  • Future - The Future Is NowTrack/ 9
  • BJ the Chicago Kid - Fly Girl Get'emTrack/ 10
  • Bullion - Young HeartacheTrack/ 11
  • CAS - Leon BestTrack/ 12
  • Young Jeezy - EscobarTrack/ 13



​The word "prodigy" gets thrown around too often. But in SCNTST's case there's really no way around it. A beast on the boards with a far-reaching skill set disproportionate to his age, the Munich-based techno producer drew the attention of Boys Noize Records at the age of 17 and dropped his first EP on Alexander Ridha's electronica powerhouse in 2011. Last year's Premelodic Structures EP saw SCNTST expand his promise, pacing through the sounds of Baltimore, Detroit, London and Berlin with his own unique twist of intricate sound creation and dynamic arrangement. The young German always seems to find a way to work his eclectic taste into his production work, which was one of the main reasons why we asked him to do a mix for us. 

With expectations high, SCNTST still managed to drop a few jaws among the LFTF crew. In 30 minutes on the dot, SCNTST takes us from obscure experimental glitch to funky dance tunes, a mysterious, cruddy uberbanger, John Maus, Future skits and ends things with a Young Jeezy mixtape track. This kid's got range and he wants to make sure you got the memo.



Posted by alex

01.11/ 2013

Great mix so far. Love that you guys are always up for new sounds.

haha is that a Jeru reference in the title?

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