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LFTF005: Stwo - Beyond EP

07.03 / 2013

Coverart - LFTF005: Stwo - Beyond EP


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No. 1

  • Lovin UTrack/ 1
  • WorkTrack/ 2
  • ConfusedTrack/ 3
  • AnnaTrack/ 4
  • Wifey (Instrumental)Track/ 5
  • One (Andrea Remix)Track/ 6



DOWNLOAD: LFTF005: Stwo - Beyond EP​ (zip)

Meet Stwo, the 20-year-old Parisian producer/DJ whose innovative take on lovestruck electronic music has kept our heads bobbing all year, leading us to recruit the young artist for our latest 'Our Sounds' debut, LFTF005 - the effortlessly sensual Beyond EP. With an infatuation for silky smooth R&B vocals, Stwo blends swift future bass stylings with the likelihood of soul music, finding a creative sweet spot between the two that gets redefined with each new track he creates. On Beyond, his six-track debut EP for LFTF, Stwo places his enthralling sound on full display, employing his pillow-talk tendencies to the upmost degree and extracting his most impressive project to date.

Artwork by: Adam Ferriss

Mastered by: David Escamilla Jr.



Posted by Cocous Alvarado

07.04/ 2013

hey mate, indeed extremely silky smooth stuff…very cocois aswell

Posted by Mooves

07.05/ 2013

This EP is pure gold. Honestly, been loving all the posts and mixes on this site.

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