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LFTF002: Maths Time Joy - Hideaway EP

11.12 / 2012

Coverart - maths time joy- hideaway EP


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No. 1

  • Maths Time Joy - Let GoTrack/ 1
  • Maths Time Joy - HideawayTrack/ 2
  • Maths Time Joy - AlwaysTrack/ 3



Maths Time Joy represents an exciting new wave of electronic music, and for our second Our Sounds release, LFTF002, we've teamed up with the London-based producer to present his most complete project to date, the phenomenal Hideaway EP. Featuring three inherently distinctive tracks, the EP is layered thick with stirring synths, pronounced percussion, and warm vocal samples, painting his music in a compelling and mesmeric hue. Songs are bound together by their building and crescendo-like qualities—starting off relatively slow before exploding into a powerful rush of ethereal soundscapes. Encountered all together, the Hideaway EP makes for a truly emotional experience, and serves as an amazing introduction to the 22-year-old's thriving sound.



Posted by bilbo

11.12/ 2012

that GIF cover is sooo clutch!

Posted by Ian

11.19/ 2012

> that GIF cover is sooo clutch!

Totally agree!!!

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