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LFTF001: Jaw Jam- Untitled EP

07.04 / 2012

Coverart - Jaw Jam: Untitled EP


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No. 1

  • Jaw Jam- U Dont KnowTrack/ 1
  • Jaw Jam- RainTrack/ 2
  • Jaw Jam- UntitledTrack/ 3
  • Jaw Jam- Untitled (Obey City Remix)Track/ 4



​Putting a finger on what it is that draws us to the obtuse sounds of Oberlin native Will DiMaggio aka Jaw Jam is tricky. Moreover, talking about his music is hard, because there really isn't anything out there to relate him to. But for LFTF001, our very first Our Sounds release, this was exactly what we wanted. In a time when it seems everyone is diverging toward the same style, Jaw Jam has always triumphantly veered left--making his own lane with each new tune. And on the 19-year-old's debut EP Untitled, this notion of individuality has never been clearer. From the unorthodox structuring, to the elusive vocal samples, to the slap-happy synth lines, Untitled leaves you sonically submerged--a rush of curious soundscapes that engulf like a raging river. Again, there's no telling what it is exactly that has us under Jaw Jam's rampant spell, but what ever it is, we never want to wake up.

Above, download LFTF001, Jaw Jam's debut Untitled EP, and the first edition to the Our Sounds saga.

Mastered by: Leroy Bella

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Posted by Charles Glanders

07.06/ 2012

Check out the Video for “Untitled” here-

Posted by tim

07.09/ 2012

where turf abstractionist?

In here →