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Hubie Davison LFTF Mix

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No. 1

  • Hubie Davison - I Won't Be There (Dayvision Rework)Track/ 1
  • HHNY - For The Very First TimeTrack/ 2
  • Laszlo Dancehall - Fatty QueTrack/ 3
  • Tim Green - Midnight RollerTrack/ 4
  • Floorplan - ChangeTrack/ 5
  • Trikk - Midnight SequenceTrack/ 6
  • Special Request - Body ArmourTrack/ 7
  • Prince Of Denmark - Cut 02Track/ 8
  • Pev & Kowton - End PointTrack/ 9
  • Randomer - BringTrack/ 10
  • Hubie Davison - Mannequin MoveTrack/ 11
  • Downliners Sekt - Balt Shakt (Side B)Track/ 12


twisting the template

​Side-stepping the risk of falling into the "more of the same bass music" trap, Hubie Davison laces contemporary dancefloor signifiers with his own, tasteful footprint. Berlin's Leisure System label was understandably wowed upon finding the young producer's demo in their inbox one day, jumping on the opportunity to release his forward-thinking concoctions to a wider audience. 

Though united through a generally thoughtful mood, the six tracks on his I Won't Be There EP display a remarkable range of touchstones, splicing up vocal samples and letting drums crackle over varying BPM templates. At times, you'll be reminded of Four Tet and Caribou, at other times of Shigeto or Nicolas Jaar. Hubie's strength lies in the way he utilizes his strong taste to reel listeners in, keeping them interested with meticulous twists you haven't heard quite like this before.

Hubie's mix aptly mirrors that sentiment, showcasing his penchant for the humbly understated and the subtly forceful. Taking his selection from spacious house to acidic techno and leading it back to subdued washes of groove, it leaves no questions about the producer's refined taste.

Buy I Won't Be There via Boomkat.

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