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Ejeca LFTF Mix

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No. 1

  • Timmy P - "Jazz That Beat" (Electronique)Track/ 1
  • Jason Bye – “Living Hip” (White)Track/ 2
  • Cabin Fever – “Ring Play” (Rekids)Track/ 3
  • John Jastszebski – “Dumb” (Phonogramme France)Track/ 4
  • DJ Steaw – Got To Be (Phonogramme France)Track/ 5
  • Francis Inferno Orchestra "Here's To Feeling Good All The Time" (Fina)Track/ 6
  • Kastil - "Lay Down" (Saft Spain)Track/ 7
  • JMFG - "Do You Know" (JMFG)Track/ 8
  • Adonis – “No Way Back” (Trax Records)Track/ 9
  • Jason Bye – “House Nation” (Hackney House Remix) (White)Track/ 10
  • RIP Productions The Players (Ice Cream Recordings)Track/ 11
  • DJ Rolando – “Knights of The Jaguar” (430 West)Track/ 12


Back to the Roots

​You don't have to be a Radio 1 DJ to know that 90s revival house is all the rage right now. In the last half year, we've witnessed the age-old tendencies of some of house music's earliest frequencies rise up from the UK underground to the global main stage with an undeniable force, as more and more producers have begun to understand that looking back at the classics is just as important as pushing forward to the new and undiscovered.

If you had to ask us, we'd give a lot of credit for this old school resurgence to Belfast DJ/production duo Bicep and the amazing work they have done this year with their ever evolving label Feel My Bicep. But they're not the only ones. Ejeca, who first came to our attention with his involvement in Bicep's recent single "You", is another noteworthy act that is changing up the landscape by utilizing dance music's roots. His recent Horizon EP on Needwant Records is a beautiful representation of this, capturing the elusive 90s garage house sound to perfection. And because we just can't get enough of this new—yet old—style, we've tapped Ejeca for our first ever LFTF Mix from across the pond. Above, indulge in this 57-minute, vinyl only affair, and expose yourself to the classic sounds of dance music's hottest new movement.



Posted by Richie

10.12/ 2012


Posted by Zach @ Dance 'Til You're Dead

01.31/ 2013

even tho this was written in oct. it’s pretty funny listening to you guys talk about 90s house revival like it’s a new phenomenon. Or hasn’t been talked about AD nausea in this very same capacity extensively for the last year.

nevertheless, LUV the mix annd yer not so little blog…

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