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Watch Flying Lotus’ Short Film Until The Quiet Comes


Posted by Andy Decelles


Flying Lotus isn't one of us. He exists apart from this world, dwelling somewhere in the same alternate dimension that Radiohead took up residence in circa Kid A. It's hard to say when he left, or when (if?) he'll come back, but for now we can be sure that he's on some next level shit. FlyLo wowed us earlier this summer with the excellent Between Friends. The Earl Sweatshirt collaboration showcased some of the finest work of everyone involved, and left us all salivating for the upcoming LP. Boasting a catalog in which every album is better than the last has set some mammoth expectations for Until The Quiet Comes. Luckily for us, FlyLo is as capable as anyone to meet and exceed those expectations. Spoiler: if this short film is any indication, he's definitely going to exceed them.

​If your employer hates everything that's good in the world, this might be considered NSFW. But don't let that deter you; this video is worth losing your job over. Kahlil Joseph is a brilliant filmmaker, and his work here is nothing short of masterful. Soak it all in below.

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Posted by BALOOGZ

09.07/ 2012

Truly Amazing thanks for the share, it almost seemed spiritual.

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