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Video: Velour- Speedway


Posted by Moses Wiener

Doing 90

​I'd fail an MOT if humans had MOT's. Rusty hinges, low on oil, suspension fucked, and all my piping is shot to shit. This residual new years malaise has done me wrong, and now I'm back sitting at a desk. 2013, yeah!

Anyway, here's a new video from Julio Bashmore & Hyetal's reprised Velour moniker. 'Speedway' is a four-to-the-floor piece of electronica, flanked nicely by Hyetal's whooshing drums and Bashmore's signature wibbles. I should've posted this up a week ago, but was too busy watching Home Alone 2 and eating Cinnamon Grahams from the box to do anything about it. Sorry.

'Speedway' will likely see a release on Julio Bashmore's own Broadwalk Records. More details to follow

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