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Video: Phlo Finister- Hotel Miami


Posted by Anthony Obst

Poster Girl 2.0

​Last week, a group of nerds named the Cassie Collective put together a trilogy of Cassie mixtapes, modeled after the now infamous The Weeknd one-two-three punch. I'm familiar with some of Cassie's work and had always associated her with shitty pop music, but the slice of marketing genius that got seemingly every single blog to post the Cassie Trilogy got me to check it out anyway. Turns out Cassie is mostly shitty pop music indeed (although I'm sure some of my LFTF-mates would highly disagree).

Due to the elaborately stylish packaging of the tapes, I had expected something entirely different. Part 1 (Velvet Night) was actually kinda cool in some parts, but Part 2 (Dope 'n Diamonds) struck me as far removed from the "icy-cool, detached vocals" over "heavy bass & tribal-jungle production" it is billed as. No point in bothering with the Supermodel third part, I figured.

Phlo Finister's "Hotel Miami" looks AND sounds just liked the Cassie trilogy should have. The former model and SpaceGhostPurrp-associate (no pun intended on that first syllable) opens up her 6-minute video with an introspective spoken word-piece about love and illumination, backdropped by en vogue CCTV-indebted shots of her making smoking a cigarette seem like the coolest thing on earth.

By the time the sinister beat drops, most of us have probably already developed a crush on the self-proclaimed Poster Girl, whose newest project is about to drop this coming Friday. But not only is "Hotel Miami" one of the slickest visualizations we've seen all year (courtesy of always-on-point Raider director Fxrbes and featuring a highly enviable Purrp-cameo), the song is also a certified hit record, with a catchy hook-and-bridge combo, enchanting vocal coos and a beat that is at once knocking, spacious and just the right amount of unsettling.

Keep your eyes peeled on this girl in 2013. She released a few videos and an EP earlier this year, but strengthening her ties to the Raider Klan-movement may very well turn to be just the right move for Phlo Finister in terms of her finding her style. As far as we're concerned, the liaison could also mean a heightened awareness for the Klan outside of the established circles.

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Posted by Hard

12.20/ 2012

Mess. The Cassie Trilogy thing is excellent visually but so is the material, Cassie’s unreleased material sure is classic! I’ve been listening to the mixtapes non-stop for the past week!!

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