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Credits: Image supplied by Teddy Fitzhugh

Video: Mala- Noches Suenos


Posted by Isaiah Hinojosa


​One of 2012's most ambitious offerings, Mala in Cuba, was a successful pairing of Cubano flavor with the poly-rhythmic bliss of Mala's deep roots halfstep. Despite a tendency to typecast itself at times, the effort was not without moments that often reminded us of why Dubstep grabbed us in the first place. One such tune, "Noches Suenos," has been given a spot on visual accompaniment. Directed by Lea Rinaldi the video works off of Cuban native Danay Suarez's sultry vocals and spins a tale of serendipitous lust aboard the night train. As Suarez goes goo-goo over Mala's sweet dreads, she drifts into a dream world supplied by his reverb drenched cool-out riddims. As if that wasn't enough, Brownswood Recordings have released a boogie-tastic Zed Bias remix of "Noches Suenos," perfect for letting out your inner Romeo on the dance floor. Check out both videos below.

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