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Video: Maal A Goomba- Gymnastics


Posted by Michael Washington

Goomba Bounce

​Maal A Goomba knows he's a star, even if you don't yet. The Kansas native first came onto our radar back in February via collaborations with bubbling producer Tom Richman, which presented a high energy, full-on bravado style that reminded us a lot of early Lil B, with a bit more style. Fast forward to today, and we are finally getting new glimpses into Maal's catalog, thanks to the recently dropped video for the hyperactive track "Gymnastics". In it, Maal stunts out, literally. Backed by a beat thats as hypnotic as the kush he's smoking, he gets the ladies to pull off their best Kerri Strug impression. Were talking hand stands and all that. Watch now below, and look for more Maal A Goomba material coming sooner than later.

Download Maal A Goomba's mixtape Diana Frances Goomba Wave now right here

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