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Video: Lil B- California Boy


Posted by Andy Decelles


At this point, everyone with ears and internet access has a pretty clear understating of Lil B's shtick: superhuman output, samey flow, sublime/stupid lyrics espousing the virtues of the based lifestyle, thousands of beats trying to sound like "I'm God", and a quickly growing cult following who are willing to let "The Basedgod" fuck their bitch. 

Forget all of that.The latest from Lil B is completely different from anything else he's done up to this point. It's a rock track, and it's actually good. This is a far cry from Lil Wayne's Rebirth, and arguably the best rap-to-rock crossover in recent memory. The chorus is way better than it deserves to be; if Dinosaur Junior decided to cover Brian Wilson, they might end up sounding something like this. For the first time ever, I'm hyped for Lil B's next tape; a full rock album is due out at some point in the near future. Until that glorious day, soak up the delicious vibes of "California Boy" below.

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