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Video: FaltyDL- Straight & Arrow


Posted by Moses Wiener

involuntary convulsions

​I wholeheartedly love this one. First, I heard a radio rip of the Four Tet mix, which (I embarrassingly admitted to Kieran Hebden himself) actually made me well up a bit at my desk when I heard it. Shortly after my emotional breakdown at said desk, someone naughtily slipped me the full promo, and I fell for the Gold Panda, Mike Q & Divoli S'vere and original mixes respectively, as one might when faced with three different Playboy bunnies, or ice-cream flavours, or whatever.

Now, in light of the awesome Daito Manabe-directed video which FaltyDL has presented to accompany the release, I would encourage you to join me in fervent wait for his forthcoming album Hardcourage, which will be released via Ninja Tune on January 22nd in partnership with the man's own label; Blueberry Records.

Not sure about you, but I prefer this video to that 'Harder, Better, Faster' video with the the hands and shit.

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