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Video: Bodega Bamz ft. Flatbush Zombies- Thrilla


Posted by Anthony Obst

New New York

​For years New York rap had been caught in a medieval period of stagnancy, plagued by sectarianism and misguided self-proclamations of supposed kingship. It seems as though this period is gradually coming to a close. Forming a united front against the fuckery that's been going on, a new breed of New York artists is emerging, whose interactions are not so much based on penis length comparisons, but on the good ol' fashioned principle of "real recognize real." This shift in attitudes has accounted for a number of gems like the Flatbush Zombies / ASAP Mob collab, Bodega Bamz' and ASAP Ant's block-clearer "Told Ya," and not least all the different Beastcoast tangents.

Next in line is this pooling of fright-inducing resources from Spanish Harlem's Bodega Bamz and Flatbush Zombies AKA the trippiest motherfuckers out. Taken from Bamz' outstanding Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. mixtape, "Thrilla" combines two of the most villainous approaches that rap has to offer these days, with Juice and Meech going in walking dead/mad professor-style and Bamz spazzing out for his own hoodlum-version of "Scream." Raw in attitude, fresh in execution, yet almost traditionalist in spirit ("4,3,2,1," anyone?)-- this, ladies and gentleman, is the sound of New New York. And it's here to stay. Note: After multiple views, I've determined 480p as the ultimate viewing experience. But see for yourself. Video directed by Rick Cordero.

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