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Video: Black Moth Super Rainbow- Hairspray Heart


Posted by Moses Wiener


Tobacco, Iffernaut, Ryan Graveface, Bullsmear, and the Seven Fields of Aphelion aka Black Moth Super Rainbow released album number 5 a couple weeks ago, entitled 'Cobra Juicy'. That sentence alone might be enough to dissuade people from, for one thing actually caring enough to commit the band name to memory, but also to take them seriously. Kind of like 'The 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster' or '...And They Will Know Us From The Trail Of Dead'; you best have the goods to back such etymological absurdity. Thankfully, they do. Then again, this is their fifth album, so I suppose I'm speaking in aid of people who, like me, only encountered these guys recently. Their current palette sits neatly amongst Tame Impala, Death In Vegas, Broadcast, and older Air stuff, as well as probably having appeal for girls that get a hard-on every time they hear 'Nightcall'.

The unofficial video below for 'Hairspray Heart' by Johnny Rockwell may just be another stock-footaged clump of Americana, but it does the job. In fact, he also put together other videos for 'I Think I'm Evil' and 'Dreamsicle Bomb' using the same formula and guess what? They work too, so I've thrown them in for good measure.

If you like what you hear, check the rest of the album yo.

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