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Vanilla: For What It’s Worth


Posted by Jonathan Abramson


I was first put onto UK producer Vanilla ​through all the Juicy compilations. As an aside, everyone should check out the Juicy comps. The little French label puts out at least one every year with artists that are relatively unknown but are just one important ear away from being someone. Anywho, Vanilla lives in the sexy genre. His beats are always smooth, sprinkled with some funky jazz and soul sugar. He just put out his For What It's Worth beat tape. The UK producer had this to say about the beat tape: "For What It's Worth is a collection of 20 outtakes and loose instrumentals made over the past year that I felt could use a home. There's a slightly jazzier vibe here than my other stuff but overall there's no real unifying theme. I am working hard on the proper follow up to Soft Focus as well as some other major projects so hopefully 2013 should be an eventful year."

Download Vanilla's For What It's Worth here.



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