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VA- Booty Based Mob Vol. 1 (Album Stream)


Posted by Anthony Obst

Thank you, Based Booty Bakery

​Montreal's Booty Bakery has the perfect gift-- or shall we say pastry-- for your weekend. The party collective has compiled a brilliant batch of tunes from some of their affiliated artists, designed to give Montrealians and non-Montrealians alike a glimpse into the juked-up world of the Booty Bakery.

Launching in with a frantic, junglist re-twerk of Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On" by Jeep, we are quickly drawn into the vast and wonderful depths of Montreal's club sound. Booty Based Mob Vol. 1 is packed with gems from some of our favorite new artists, among them Hesk, who supplies the best use of Ray J's "One Wish" since that Burial dude and a subtly knocking collaboration with Phil Sparkz, Tommy Kruise with a truly delicious slice of Memphis-styled juke, Kaytranada & Sango bringing taste into the trap, and Ryan Hemsworth at his most experimental. 

Other notables include the slurred "A Milli" remix by Vlooper, Da-P's lush "Memories" and Night Drugs taking things to the garage. Don't sleep on this one and support the cause by naming your price on Bandcamp!

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