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Trade: SHEWORKS005


Posted by Ben Friedlander

UK Village Techno

​Why is it that the darkest techno seems to come from the small villages of the UK? Surgeon is a UK techno stalwart from Kislingbury, a small village in the north of England. His tracks have been featured regularly in Blawan's sets for the last year or so. Blawan (pictured above) himself is from a village in South Yorkshire. While Surgeon represents UK techno royalty, Blawan stands at the forefront of UK techno's newest crop of producers, so it only makes sense for them to collaborate on a handful of productions. Think Michael Jordan shooting in the gym with LeBron James and that is the sort of NBA player equivalent to what is going on here. 

As a production duo Surgeon and Blawan will go by Trade. Their debut release, SHEWORKS005, will come out next month on Blawan and Pariah's Works The Long Nights label. Stream a preview of it below.

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Sound Cloud

No. 1


  • A1 - Half Nelson Track/ 1
  • A2 - Positive Neckline Track/ 2
  • AA1 - Touch This Skin Track/ 3
  • AA2 - I Notice You AllTrack/ 4

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