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Credits: Image supplied by Medhi Lacoste

Torches- Sky Blue & Ivory


Posted by Jonathan Abramson

Crunchy, but not too crunchy

​British rock has always had a crunchy feel to it. It's part of what defines the genre. They take distortion to a different extreme than Americans. We love the plain distorted sound, it keeps the harmonics in tact rather than shortchanging them like the high treble, fast attack, reverb distortion of the British. But the British crunch is so sick, it allows you to feel the music as it's almost all determined by the flick of the guitarist's wrist; with American distortion, the harder you strum, the louder it gets, and that's pretty much the only dynamic the guitarist can control on any given setting. British-based outfit Torches' new release demonstrates the clear distinction when it comes to the difference. Pay some attention to how the guitar is pumped in the chorus, which we're going to assume is a result of a ducking mixing technique, but we could definitely be wrong. Also take a close listen at the guitar in the verses, how it's like a blurting, short-lived crunch. There are two strong dynamics in the verses, and it's not just determined by how hard the strings are hit.

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