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Credits: Image supplied by Andrew J. Attah

Synkro- Mountains


Posted by Moses Wiener

Set up camp here for the night

​So many producers get the 'understated' thing so wrong. Synkro meanwhile.. well he's just a ornate duck in crystal-clear water. His evident meticulousness when creating stunning soundscapes means that his productions are so easily recognisable as his. In my mind, his music is the equivalent to those toy guns that release a big ball of air that hit you like a projectile.

With his Acceptance EP on Apollo Records out at the end of this month, he's kindly shared a free track ahead of the release, accompanied by a free remix from Troy Gunner. Days after he posted up his magnificent, microscopic video for 'Recognition' no less, 'Mountains' is, for want of a better description, the sound of someone looking from the summit. This is some serene shit right here.

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