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Strange U- Klaatu Barada Nikto (Video)


Posted by Anthony Obst

Illuminati ain't real. Neither is Father Christmas

​Just so you get the facts straight: The best rap EP so far this year is called Scarlet Jungle, and comes courtesy of Alexander Nut and Floating Points' tasteful dance music institution Eglo Records. UK underground vet Kashmere The Iguana Man has taken on the alias of Strange U, and together with his production companions Dr Zygote and Cross Bone T, he is supplying the kind of undeniable (if vaguely derivative) abstract hip hop that all you countless DOOM disciples will instantly fall in love with. Just watch the video for "Klaatu Barada Nikto": humanoid alien catchwords and black-and-white visuals to match the title, our protagonist laced in asiatic garments, grainy and surreal to all senses. Is this the leader you were talking about, Geedorah? Looks like we may have found him.

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