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SpaceGhostPurrp: BMW (EP Stream)


Posted by Anthony Obst

Black Man's Wealth

​Out of nowhere (or maybe straight from the depths of hell), SpaceGhostPurrp just dropped his new mixtape/EP BMW (Black Man's Wealth) on us. No aliases, no mercy, no petty shit. Far from retiring from the rap game-- as had been rumored for a while-- Purrp serves up the very first larger chunk of new material since his 4AD debut album, which of course had been mostly re-recorded versions of previous mixtape classics.

As soon as the opening title track sets in on BMW, we can tell that Purrp comes with just the type of sound that made releases like Blackland Radio 66.6 and NASA so great and secured him the unofficial title of underground rap's kingpin. "Rep FLA (Flawda)" is a chunky, hypnotic home state-anthem, similar in spirit to Yung Simmie's "Florida Nigga Mentality." "Rep Dhat" features DoughDough, a thick fog of ghoulish noise, and low drones. "No Trouble" experiments with drum-patterns, "V.I.P." incorporates ominous piano-loops and screwed xylophones, just like "Whole Latta Ice," which was released a few weeks back and is also included.

Purrp is clearly back on his shit. And it sounds just like we wanted it to-- with his production effort rooted firmly in his trademark sound but updated with some new twists and with a strong emphasis on killer hooks. A last-minute contender for mixtape of the year in my book.

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