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Shlohmo- Later


Posted by Anthony Obst

All Laid Out

​Maybe it's due to my unashamed fanboyery, but for some reason it feels like it's been much more than just about a year since we last heard new original material from the beatgod known as Shlohmo. Maybe it's because Vacation didn't hit quite as close to home as I had thought it would for me. Maybe it's because Henry Laufer's steady stream of exceptional remixes leaves a nagging thirst for more after every 4-minute portion of rework artistry. Maybe it's because the previously announced How To Dress Well collaboration once again boosted the expectations for what to expect next.

Or maybe it's because this "Later" tune is just so confusingly brilliant. Straight up, this is already one of my all-time favorite Shlohmo joints, with its deliriously screeching vocal sample demanding most of the immediate shine for itself, the vigorous drum work, carefully distorted synths and its outspoken focus on emotionality. Not willing to give up on his well-proven success formula just yet, this is Shlohmo doing what he does best-- at its best.

The Laid Out EP drops March 5 via Friends of Friends / WeDidIt. It features four other new tracks, including the How To Dress Well collab.

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