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Credits: Image supplied by Patti Miller

Rap Class: Greatest Hits


Posted by Ben Friedlander


​Dropping Gems is a label that I've kept my eye on for a minute now. Not only was their excellent Gem Drops Two compilation given the blessing by the one and only Mary Anne Hobbs, but the label sheds light on a music scene that most people from around the world wouldn't hear about otherwise, the Portland, Oregon beat scene. It certainly helps that most of the forward thinking beat makers out of PDX also happen to be releasing their music on this excellent and focused label, which is ran by the highly motivated Aaron Meola. Yesterday saw the release of Greatest Hits by long time Dropping Gems member John Kammerle aka Rap Class. For this EP, John brings us back to the days of the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique and old school DJ Shadow when sample-chopping the shit out of old music and making it new again was the norm. Highlights on the record include the incredibly addictive "When Your With A Girl" and the super laid back "I Don't Care." This EP makes for another solid release from the Dropping Gems camp.

Stream the EP below and head here now to get Greatest Hits for whatever price you'd like.

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