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Premiere: Vincent-Paolo- Farrelly Land


Posted by Anthony Obst

Paolo Land

​Bloggers are always quick to throw genre tags on anything that comes their way. Sure, in some cases tagging is obvious when producers go for that one particular sound, using their tools in the context of a specific musical vocabulary. But there are always those select few who choose to go a different route altogether, to create their own lane. Vincent-Paolo is one of them. 

The 24-year old spends his time between Bristol and Amsterdam, has a release on Squelch & Clap coming up, is part of the Soulection family and runs the monthly night Wavefiles in Amsterdam. He also does his very own thing when sitting down in front of a drum computer. 

Throughout the course of a 4-minute song - like his latest one, "Farrelly Land," which we are happy to premiere here exclusively - Vincent experiments with sounds, rhythms, textures, pulling them apart dynamically, wrapping them around your head like a loose noose. He aims to sedate you, only to tighten the grip with another one of his ideas.  Like when the initially faint, clanging radiator jabs are steered into head-on-collision with the massive sub-onslaught in one of the numerous breakdowns, and are brought back later with one hand firmly on the pitch-knob. By the end of the track you will have forgotten what the beginning sounded like. And you'll be surprised by how smooth the journey was that got you there.

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Posted by EzKiMo

11.26/ 2012

tasty. great sound.

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