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Premiere: Sweater Beats and Arnold - Jello Drip


Posted by Michael Washington


​East Coast sound dwellers Sweater Beats and Arnold have both been known to churn out bed-squeak inducing soundscapes that knock in the club AND the bedroom, so for the two to finally join forces on a track it goes almost unsaid that the result would have you catching feelings like Wendy Peffercorn on a lifeguard stand. On "Jello Drip", which as Arnold explains "was made in part when I was in a cab stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and then finished in Sweaters' studio," the two piece together finger lickin' guitar slaps over a shuffling and energetic beat, embedding angelic harp harmonies along the way that sound like the opening of heaven's gates.

Download now below. Artwork by the god SUS BOY

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Posted by Preston Purdy

08.14/ 2013

Damn, thank you for this!

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