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Premiere: Next - Wifey (Jaw Jam Bootleg)


Posted by Michael Washington


​It's been a minute since we've checked in with our guy Jaw Jam, who if you can remember that far back contributed our first ever Our Sounds release nearly a year ago. Since then, the young producer has been hard on his grind, remaining hush hush in terms of new original material but keeping fans more than satisfied with a barrage of signature R&B bootlegs. From Mya to Janet Jackson, to R. Kelly to Jade, Jaw Jam's time after time shown he can flip puppy love slow jams into silky club serenades that make you feel like your whole body is being wrapped in memory foam. He recently announced a new 12-inch on Tuff Wax Records, so you can bet there are new originals on the horizon. But just to seal the deal—or in this matter tie the knot—here's one more bootleg from the man himself to make love in the club with. 

"This remix came together rather differently, as I initially set out to remix an entirely different song. While in search for the acappella for Dexplicit's "Wifey4Lifey", I came across a vinyl rip of "Wifey" by Next. The acapella is one of my favorites lyrically (your are so crucial girl / so critical girl), and I rarely work with male R&B vocals so I thought I'd give it a shot. Plus I never really understood why people don't say "wifey" anymore."

DOWNLOAD: Next - Wifey (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

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