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Premiere: Turn On The Lights (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)


Posted by Michael Washington

Ain't No Middle Of The Mall Shit

​When we first caught word that our friend Ryan Hemsworth was going to be releasing his next project under the WEDIDIT imprint (Shlohmo, RL Grime, D33J), a weird "a-ha!" moment came over us. See, we've known for a awhile now Ryan is one of the most interesting and dynamic producers around, and seeing him get picked up by--more or less--the most interesting and dynamic crew of producers around--it just made total sense. On August 7th, Ryan will release his Last Words EP, a five-track compilation of all the wonderful new influences the young producer has experienced so far in 2012.

"This next EP is exactly how I want people to be hearing me right now. It's five tracks; emotional stuff that I've built up over the past six months. People want to book me for dubstep shows and stuff still, hopefully this EP circulates and clears the air that I don't make futuredubwavemoombastep subgenre shit. Just trying to make something human and emotional with my laptop."

In light of this virtuous event, Ryan has bestowed upon us a new bootleg of his, which we always welcome with open arms. This time around, he's flipped the stupid fruity fresh rhymes of ATL via Pluto rapper Future. Download it now below.

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