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Premiere: Branchez- Shake


Posted by Michael Washington

Real Recognize Real

​With all this blabber about "trap" music's legitimacy and whether or not it will outlast its overwhelming hype, it seems as though everyone's focus has been on highlighting the bad rather than trying to uncover the good. We here at LFTF will be the first to tell you we are not exactly stoked on the route many have taken with the style (ala bubbly dutch synths, overly aggro rhythms), but we would also be lying if we said we didn't think there is still really exciting stuff out there being made within the "trap" confines. Today we are premiering "Shake" by New York producer Branchez, which to me, serves as the perfect example of what good can still come from the world's most debated genre. On "Shake", the 22-year-old utilizes instrumental components most common to jazz arrangements, disposing them atop a slow-burning rap/hip-hop beat that oozes in soulful timbre. Even with all the shoddy Baauer wannabes sending us "Gangnam Style" trap remixes everyday, real still recognizes real. Let this be motivation for you to go out and find it.

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Posted by sangana

11.03/ 2012

Branchez is maybe the best trap producer of the fall/winter 2013.
His EP “Branchez vol.1” is so DOPE !!!
From Paris

Posted by Kaptin

11.14/ 2012

am I missing something?? where’s the free download?  need this.

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