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Pepperboy & BSBD- Love My Life


Posted by Anthony Obst

The Super Hard Way

​Pepperboy is not like most other up-and-coming rappers. The Little Rock, Arkansas native is in his mid-30s, puts positivity first, and does things like shouting out hospitals and his sister on his new track. The man has gone through a lot over his life-span, including a two and half-year prison-stint and a shooting that almost took his life. All the more inspirational it is to hear Pepperboy celebrate life with the utmost sincerity. 

His unfiltered, off-kilter stream-of-consciousness delivery may call to mind the Based spirit of Lil B (who also gave Pepperboy a shootout on his Bitch Mob mixtape), but given Pep's backstory, all traces of irony quickly succumb to his intensely honest passion. In the case of "Love My Life," the always-grand production of Seattle duo Blue Sky Black Death provides the perfect backdrop for Pepperboy's motivational talk. On December 12, he will be releasing his brand new album Nitetime. We'll have the premiere for you.

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