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Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt- The Ego


Posted by Anthony Obst

Jaar Lion

​Apparently Nicolas Jaar has been taking some bong rips lately. Creating what appears to be a faux persona based on a former wartime president, who recites political quotations in a Jamaican accent, and underscoring it with a sort of balearic dub, giving the track away for free on America's most sense-deprived consumerist holiday? Dude is clearly on a mission to keep de evil away.

The best thing about "The Ego" however is not its intricate sidestory, but rather that it shows Nico heading into somewhat of a new direction musically-- and doing so exceptionally well. Especially the rhythmic fireworks he pulls off after the 3-minute mark are nothing short of impressive, as he experiments with skittish dub-effects, polished hi-hats and determined synth stabs, creating a deep, lively groove. More of this please!

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