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New Look- Janet (He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive)


Posted by Moses Wiener

Know that feel

​I vaguely remember when I was first shown New Look. Not the bargain bin British high street retailer, by the way. That was a whole other episode involving grey trousers and a petulant attitude from my 9 year-old self. No, when I was shown the Canadian nu-pop duo, I was comparatively nonplussed. It was when I was working for another site and their PR sheet slid across my desk, complete with an understyled/overstyled-type press shot, featuring a bespectacled gentleman next to a smoking hot babe, finished with a purposefully nonchalant blurb. I kind of switched off. Not in a derisory way, but more in a 'let Pitchfork have their way with them' kind of way. For that, I am sorry.

The demo version of 'Janet' featured in Jamie xx's Essential Mix a little while back, and now sounding a little more streamlined, this updated version will probably still require some kind of rejig by Redlight and/or Disclosure for people to sit up and take notice of its inherent catchiness. The range and vibe reminds me of a melancholic reprise of Carmen's 'Time To Move' a little. Books and their covers, people. Books and covers.

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