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Mystikal- Hit Me


Posted by Moses Wiener

Well I'll be

​I never thought I'd be saying this, but Mystikal's new single is.. well its.. its.. good gahd yaw. Its got soul and yup, its super bad too. 

Channeling the late/great James Brown, he opens asking 'what the fuck was that??' Quite, Mystikal. Quite. The almost illegally funky track is designed, much like his most well-known song to date, to shake some serious ass. And its been a while since that one came out, as the man born Michael Tyler has been held in correctional facilities over the best part of the last decade. But we're not E! News, people, so lets leave the dissection. Plus, I mean, he is channeling James Brown after all. He ends 'Hit Me' conceding that nobody can do it as good as Jimmy, but my my my does he take a good swing at at.

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