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Mr Oizo: unreleased unfinished unpleasant


Posted by Moses Wiener


To have such a distinctive palette all your own as a musician is an accomplishment to be recognised in itself. I'm lucky enough to work in an office where I can play a new album from Mr Oizo beginning to end over the speakers, and I quickly heard someone say 'is this Mr Oizo?' when I did. I shan't detail the inflection with which that question was asked, but it doesn't matter anyway. Mr Oizo doesn't give a levitating fuck about whether you like his music or not.

'unreleased unfinished unpleasant' is an album of 12 random morsels accumulated between 2004-2012, and ironically for him, its one of his more 'listenable' albums. All the weird wibbles and electronic thudding that have become his salaciously sloppy hallmarks are present throughout.

Grab it for free at Mr Oizo's awesome website

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Posted by B

11.29/ 2012

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