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Madteo- “Rugrats Don’t Techno for an Answer”


Posted by Rave Snob

POSI 2013

I've been thinking about the death of Rave Snob, because this project has been doomed from the start. Eventually, I'm going to delete all these old posts and become an actual "professional music writer," thereby destroying all my credibility as a vigilante decrying the obfuscated evils of the industry and melding into the beating manpowered mechanical heart of the culture machine. And that's the best case scenario. If that doesn't work out, I'll give up on music writing and fill my life up with new interests and jobs that leave me no time to listen to music. I'll even start reading on the subway and I won't even throw away my headphones, I'll just leave them in a drawer but never use them because they're too heavy to carry around. Maybe I'll occasionally write an embittered rant about how corrupt the music industry is, and it'll come off too personal and too vitriolic to ring true with any level-headed person. But I'll probably just lose interest in keeping up with new music, and when I do listen to the old stuff that I used to be obsessed with, it won't matter to me as much. Rave Snob has always been doomed.

At this point I could talk about Adorno and Horkheimer, or Dick Hebdige, or this old Punk Rock Academy piece on the FADER. I could explain why counter cultures are always, inevitably doomed, and how I sold out before I even began by always kindling the hope that I might someday be a ~*real music writer.*~ But I'm not going to do that. For today at least, I want to see the glass as half full. This is likely Rave Snob's last year in existence. In the past four or five weeks, I was hired for like three different writing gigs, and this is the first semester I won't be interning since I started. I'm gonna graduate soon and start trying to work "real jobs," like "waitressing" and "freelancing." So the question is, What do I want to accomplish this lil Rave Snob project before I kill it?

My main, overlarge, decadent ambition is to exercise a level of freedom that I have under this semi-anonymous alias: the freedom to say things that might piss other people off, the ability to say things in a different, more casual tone, the liberty to have complete editorial control over my work (for better or for worse), to only write about stuff I think is really special 2 me (but not necessarily good, just interesting) instead of posting tunes that are pretty good in order to keep up a certain amount of traffic and content, the freedom not to have to conform to timeliness, the ability to try a different kind of music writing that sounds fun when I read about the early days of Pitchfork or old articles in Creem, a kind of writing that is more idealistic, but also doomed.

I don't even need a transition right here bc I can do whatever I want.

Right now I'm listening to Madteo's "Rugrats Don't Techno for an Answer" on loop. I have to keep repeating the Youtube video, because I haven't decided to buy the MP3 version of the whole album yet—I'd rather buy the vinyl or at least the CD.* It uses samples from my favorite Drake song, "Marvin's Room," and it sounds like the song collapsing. It's like if you got "Marvin's Room" on tape and played it on loop for a long time, years maybe, and the tape started to deteriorate, like the Disintegration Loops. It sounds the best in my headphones, where the soft noises and puffy beat are all mine, cradled close 2 me.

*Update: The vinyl is THIRTY DOLLARS ($30.00) so I'm gonna listen on Spotify until I save up enough for it. That is a LOT of money wow and I can't find a CD version anywhere...

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