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Local Natives- Breakers


Posted by Andy Decelles


Can you be nostalgic for a time not yet three years gone? 2009 was a golden year for indie rock. Animal Collective put out Merriweather Post Pavilion, Grizzly Bear released Veckatimest, and Dirty Projector unveiled Bitte Orca. All three were genre defining albums, and remain seminal favorites of fans and critics. But as Carles so eloquently proclaimed a few weeks back, 2012 has been a pretty shitty year for indie rock. The old guard is sounding weary; the zeitgeist that they so perfectly captured on earlier records is seeping out of clenched fists. You can make a case for Shields and Swing Lo, Magellan being more fully realized than their predecessors (the jury's still out on Centipede Hz), but they're nowhere near as engaging as the bands' 2009 releases. Indie rock is in decline.

Or is it? ​Local Natives are the sort of band you feel comfortable resting the future of a genre in. Their debut record Gorilla Manor came out in 2010 (or 2009, depending on which side of the pond you live on). As more established indie rockers were peaking, Local Natives were just finding their stride. Gorilla Manor is an excellent record. If lead single "Breakers" is of any indication, next year's Hummingbird will be a great record, the kind that every band wants to put out as their sophomore LP (but most fail at). "Breakers" features the same brilliant guitar lines, bold drums parts, and engaging vocal harmonies that made Manor a standout record,but presented with the ambition of a band that knows exactly what they want to accomplish. Whet your appetite for Hummingbird, due out January 29th on Frenchkiss, after the jump.

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