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Posted by Anthony Obst

The Legend Continues

​There's this pre-conceived notion that DJ's are limited to being experts in only one field at a time, or at least limited to one end of the musical spectrum. But why should an experienced techno DJ not be able to craft a mix of 90s Memphis rap?

Brodinski attempted a similar concept in May, when he uploaded a chopped & screwed mixtape, straying from his usual four-to-the-floor affiliation and upping his cough syrup-intake considerably. And yet, The Hague's techno vet Legowelt remains the undisputed king of this unexpected genre-crossing shit. The first installment of his Memphis Rap Mix series did not simply rely on the undeniable mixing skills that an artist like him, who has released a countless number of electronic records since 1996, brings to the table. The mix also featured a brilliant, low-profile selection of underground classics and insiders' tips.

Partially lost in the blogosphere abstinence around Christmas, Legowelt's second edition of his Memphis Rap Mix provides more of the same tried and tested formula. From Tommy Wright III to DJ Spanish Fly, Lord Infamous and beyond, the dutch beat maestro laces a 66-minute mixtape with a highly loaded arsenal of obscurities. Mixed to perfection, this makes for one triply ride through the dungeons of Memphis that is bound to impress laypersons and hardcore fans alike.

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Sound Cloud

No. 1


  • Neil Brennan - Fist 2: The Legend ContinuesTrack/ 1
  • DJ Spanish Fly - Mr.Zeee'sTrack/ 2
  • Darkside Click - Playas on da MapTrack/ 3
  • Killaz outa FrayzerTrack/ 4
  • Lil'Gin - Smooth GettawayTrack/ 5
  • DJ Spanish Fly - TriggamanTrack/ 6
  • Tommy Wright III - One Man GangTrack/ 7
  • Eevil Sto - Kuka SaTrack/ 8
  • DJ Spanish Fly - Rollin in my CadillacTrack/ 9
  • Darkside Click - Don't fck with a Real GTrack/ 10
  • DJ Zirk - Lock'm in da TrunkTrack/ 11
  • Matt Gray - DrillerTrack/ 12
  • MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Ridgecrest takin'overTrack/ 13
  • DJ Sound - Watch out for da ClickTrack/ 14
  • Martin Galway - ParallaxTrack/ 15
  • Tommy Wright III - Runnin&Gunnin'Track/ 16
  • DJ Zirk - Lay them Btches DownTrack/ 17
  • Matt Gray - DrillerTrack/ 18
  • Lord Infamous & DJ Paul - Drop it of yo'assTrack/ 19
  • Neil Brennan - Fist 2: The Legend Continues Track/ 20

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