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Video: Last Magpie- (Who Knows) Where Love Goes


Posted by Rave Snob


The Leeds-based producer known as Last Magpie has a new EP out this week, as well as a low-key video with a lot of naked boobies in it. The clip was composed to go with the title track of Last Magpie's record, (Who Knows) Where Love Goes, and the fact that there are so many topless women sunbathing leads me to believe the video was shot in Europe. Both the audio and the visual components of "(Who Knows) Where Love Goes" are a bit cheesy in how very "house" they are, but both are endearing. I'm a sucker for chill, head-nodding beats and splashes of quiet chord stabs, and the clip's homemade aesthetic and goofy shots of people cutting a rug at a dance club display a cute sense of humor. Watch the video for "(Who Knows) Where Love Goes" and check out the previews from Last Magpie's EP below.

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