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Kuhn: Kings EP


Posted by Moses Wiener

Royal Mess

Kuhn's 'Slime Beach' EP seemed to go under the radar last year. The Brooklyn-based beat baron released the collection of aqueous, twinkly-yet-murky club bubblers via Civil Music, and not long after, a YouTube video entitled 'kuhn - tpjuke' popped up on my radar. Aside from being the best basketball-themed video collage ever (of the many?), there was obviously no information for this video. I hit refresh on that thing almost hourly for 8 months as if I was John Locke down a bunker of obliviousness and intrigue. And now, no more.

It turns out that 'tpjuke' ended up being the gleaming opener for Kuhn's 'Kings EP', which is now correctly labelled as 'I Quit', featuring the man Obey City. Its a perky juke joint that by this point is, in my mind, impossible to imagine as anything other than a SportCenter theme song in the waiting. On the rest of the EP, Kuhn is still playing ball. 'NWYRK' I can't help but feel is some kind of homage to Frank Sinatra - teasings of trumpets and strings slapped between his off-kilter bass - whilst 'Never Forget' melts and mashes a choir chorus into a monster. There are a couple of 'I Quit' remixes in there from Pixelord and Time Wharp also.

All hail the Kings EP over on iTunes

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  • I Quit feat. Obey CityTrack/ 1
  • NWYRKTrack/ 2
  • BoomboxTrack/ 3
  • Never ForgetTrack/ 4
  • I Quit (Pixelord Remix)Track/ 5
  • I Quit (Time Wharp Remix)Track/ 6

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