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Posted by Anthony Obst

Klan Be The Set

​​They came in all black and left a dark stain on the underground landscape in 2012. SpaceGhostPurrp and his Raider Klan embody a fierce anti-mainstream attitude, paired with a deep reverence for the dusty remnants of 1990s Memphis, Miami, Houston, Compton and New York. The Raider Klan's transregional talent pool represents a movement that is rather unique in today's musical landscape, being just as much rap posse as a way of life. The Phonk way of life. To keep track of the happenings in Blackland and beyond, I will be presenting this column on a loose, bimonthly basis, depending on the strength and frequency of Klan releases-- in an attempt to capture the ever-evolving nature of one of today's most intriguing rap crews.

Denzel Curry feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$- Threatz (Video)

Perhaps THE major Raider anthem so far this year, Denzel Curry's "Threatz" single has now received the official video treatment. Set in purple hues befitting of the Klan's modus operandi, the clip captures the aggression formulated by the pummeling tune, taking it to the backwoods in classic Southern banger-fashion.

SpaceGhostPurrp- Alize Music

Things had gotten a bit quiet on the Klan leader's side of fresh original material lately. His unsettling Valentine's jam "Red Wine" turned out to be a misstep, on which Purrp spouted some objectionable, half-baked abortion comments. He quickly rebounded with a batch of rehabilitating free tracks, "Throwed," "Alize Music" and "Juss Chill." Out of the three, "Alize Music" is the magnum opus, a 7-minute retro knocker divided into three equally enticing parts, each displaying the qualities for which his fans laud him, heavily indebted to that classic 90s underground sound.

Chris Travis- Anything You Wanna Do

Chris Travis released his Side Effects EP last month, which should find its way unto your hard drive, be it for the brazenly stoned, Purrp-produced "Diamonds Pt. 2" alone. But Kenshin also dropped another standout SpaceGhost-production just the other day. "Anything You Wanna Do" alternates between casually laid-back, rudimentally vicious and exhaustingly screwed, stretching out for more than 7 minutes of eery hypnosis. And yes, that's a Color Me Badd sample.

Yung Simmie- Lean With The Sprite

Nomen est omen as the the Klan's man of the hour comes through with another sluggish trunk-rattler indebted in sound and in spirit to Houston's golden age. Purple age, rather.

Ethelwulf: Damare Shizukani EP

The always-prolific Memphis representative delivered a 5-track EP to start off the month of March. Conceptually oriented in Japanese mythology, Damare Shizukani is a murky and slurred cloud rap-affair, the ethereal and mournful atmospherics being kept up throughout each of the ominously titled, incense-induced creeper cuts.

Metro Zu x Boiler Room

The charismatic Miami natives Lofty305 and POSHGOD threw down a mindfully hilarious Boiler Room session during their extended London visit, serving up some freestyles, delusional originals and pre-recorded Raider bangers. Shouts out to Oneman too for hooking these dudes up and making the snobby circle of dance music elitists wonder what the hell is going on up in that there Boiler Room.

Eddy Baker- I Be High

Ontario, California's Eddy Baker has been on a strong run lately, cranking out a batch of soulful jams of the late night-variety. This one takes the cake for me personally for its catchy hook and the sweeping horn loop, courtesy of the 17-year old Mr. Sisco. But "Sneakers," "Gymnastics" and the Chris Travis-featuring "Nobody Understands" all deserve some more Soundcloud love as well. Always good to see a promising artist beginning to carve out his own lane and developing a distinct sound of his own.

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Posted by Preston Purdy

03.19/ 2013

This is the best post that I’ve seen on Live for the Funk in awhile - I’ve been coming back for the last couple weeks hoping to find a new WDOB playlist and instead I got a playlist fulla Raider Klan anthems!  Not bad.  Keep up the good work guys and big thanks to you, Anthony, for this column.

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