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Posted by Anthony Obst

Keep Bringin The Phonk

​They came in all black and left a dark stain on the underground landscape in 2012. SpaceGhostPurrp and his Raider Klan embody a fierce anti-mainstream attitude, paired with a deep reverence for the dusty remnants of 1990s Memphis, Miami, Houston, Compton and New York. The Raider Klan's transregional talent pool represents a movement that is rather unique in today's musical landscape, being just as much rap posse as a way of life. The Phonk way of life. To keep track of the happenings in Blackland and beyond, I will be presenting this column on a loose, bimonthly basis, depending on the strength and frequency of Klan releases-- in an attempt to capture the ever-evolving nature of one of today's most intriguing rap crews.

Phlo Finister: Poster Girl EP

The mod goddess is the Klan's big crossover hope for 2013. Both on the screen and through the airwaves, her presence is instantly captivating and the promise she shows on her new EP, which features an appearance from Robb Bank$ and a SpaceGhostPurrp production, has us expecting big things to come from this London girl.

Grandmilly- The Paper

The Raider Klan NYC representative takes things deep into dungeon territories on his latest track, growling dynamically over a dusty sample and a harsh snare while smoking' out and po'in up.

Nell: 90s Mentality (Mixtape)

Nell stole the show on the Klan's Greatest Hits compilation with his lyrical focus and accessible delivery. His new mixtape is STACKED with good to great material (we're talking 31 tracks here) of down-to-earth phonk.

South Flawda : Denzel Curry | Ep. 1

The Klan's go-to videographer FXRBES launched his mini documentary series "South Flawda" with a look behind the scenes of Denzel Curry's official debut album in the making. It's an interesting glimpse at the Aquarius Killa's creative process, containing #rare footage from the Zu Mansion, sheds light on the people involved, and shows the equal levels of spontaneity and reflection that constitute the conception of a Raider Klan record.

Ethelwulf- Get Low

Ethelwulf gets on his Big Moe-steez on this chopped-and-screwed ode to "Late Nite Tip," tripping out beneath street lights and palm trees.

Metro Zu

Currently stationed in London, Lofty305 and Poshgod recently hi-jacked the RinseFM twitter during Oneman's two-hour radio show and caused some ruckus on the British internetz. Who knows how they did it, but it was pure comedy while it lasted. Diligent as always, the crew also released a string of new mixtapes these past weeks, including Ruben Slikk's Zanlord Kult Mob, Lofty's Loftr and the Lofty/Curry collabo Mental Vendetta.

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