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Henry Krinkle Mix for LFTF


Posted by Moses Wiener

He's talking to you

It turns out that one of the most enigmatic protagonists in cinematic history has embarked on a career as a dope producer under his go-to alias. I'm talking about Travis Bickle aka Henry Krinkle. After investigating this shady character however, and realising that Robert De Niro is actually an actor, I found out that the real man behind Krinkle's output is one Edwin Jantunen. He had just finished watching a movie at his favourite X-rated cinema (probably) when he told me about the project.

What I want more than anything is to finally make this music obsession a career, take this project around the world and work with as many talented people as possible. Having the freedom to make friends and share great music with everyone I can is what concerns me the most.

For fear of being stalked and/or gunned down, I asked him to make use of his energy by putting together a mix between shifts.

I used to burn a lot of CDs to listen to while driving so I still have that same mentality when making mixes. This particular mix covers a few moods and styles while keeping an overall cohesive sound -- It starts off in Africa and ends up night-swimming in Tokyo Bay.

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No. 1


  • JAW JAM - RainTrack/ 1
  • Nic Sarno - Mana WasaTrack/ 2
  • Romare - The Blues (It Began in Africa)Track/ 3
  • Supreme Cuts and Haleek Maul - The Dummy (Ft. Deniro Farrar)Track/ 4
  • Joy O - Sicko CellTrack/ 5
  • Kastle - Already KnowTrack/ 6
  • Deebs - You (In My World)Track/ 7
  • Cassie - Me & U (VILLAGE Bootleg) [HK Edit]Track/ 8
  • LOL Boys - Changes (Shlohmo Remix)Track/ 9
  • AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It (Bondax Remix)Track/ 10
  • Tomas Barfod - Only Human (Ft. CHLLNGR)Track/ 11
  • LOL Boys - Get Close to Me (Ft. Angelina Lucero)Track/ 12
  • Submerse - Give it UpTrack/ 13
  • Submerse - 8bit RomanceTrack/ 14
  • Dungeons & DJs - Love is the WayTrack/ 15
  • Koloah - 99bpm (HK Edit)Track/ 16
  • Sorrow - Funky DelightTrack/ 17
  • Koreless - Lost in TokyoTrack/ 18
  • Error Operator - 33,000ft. (Henry Krinkle Remix)Track/ 19

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Posted by Frank

11.20/ 2012

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the mix?

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