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Giraffage: Needs (Mixtape)


Posted by Anthony Obst


​Hotshot producers with pretty women in their Youtube clips have the tendency to only stick around for one hype-cycle in today's tumblrsphere. Building a reputation does not come easy when most listeners forget you even existed after having skimmed one of your songs a few hours back. And so it is a welcome diversion when one such beatmaker breaks the curse with insistence. 

San Francisco's Giraffage does more than just remind us of his existence with his new mixtape/full-length release on Alpha Pup Records. Following up on the promise he showed with a handful of tracks in the past, Needs is a bliss from start to finish. Slick R&B samples and bubbly soundscapes are laid out underneath some of the crispiest percussion we've heard so far this year, every song being a gateway out of this mess they call winter. You need this mixtape on your hard drive. Giraffage is here to stay. Grab the free download here.

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