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Fresh Espresso- Bossalona


Posted by Ben Friedlander

Sea-City Dreaming

​Seattle is a city with a rich music history. It has given birth to the likes of acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and more recently Fleet Foxes. Although the city's more famous acts seem to come from the realm of rock or indie, today the city's most thriving scene is centered around hip-hop. Acts such as Mad Rad, Nacho Picasso, Macklemore, Blue Scholars and Don't Talk To The Cops consistently pack venues here to much fanfare and local press. For the most part, these acts do not get much love outside of The Town, except for Macklemore, who was recently featured on XXL's Freshman cover. Heads in Seattle seem to always be complaining about how the scene doesn't get more respect at the national level, but to be honest the scene is mostly shit. There is an over-saturation of hip-hop acts in Seattle with either sonically unappealing flows, crap  MCs, tired jazz-inspired beats or a combination of all three. Because of this, it is no surprise that the national hip-hop press tends to pay little attention to what's going on in Seattle.

However, there is one hip-hop duo from Seattle that deserves more attention outside of the city limits and that is Fresh Espresso. Two years ago the duo released the excellent and incredibly underrated Glamour. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it was my favorite hip-hop album of 2010. Yesterday, they followed it up with their second LP, Bossalona. What makes Fresh Espresso stand out from the rest of Seattle's hip-hop acts ?? Chalk it up to producer/MC and local bad boy P Smoov. In Seattle he might have more of a reputation for causing riots at local venues, but the truth is his electro beats are the perfect compliment to one of the best white boy flows from this side of the Mississippi. Add in one of Seattle's better MCs, Rik Rude, and Fresh Espresso make for a caffeinated dose of fresh that deserves to be heard outside of the insulated Seattle scene. Stream Bossalona via the BandCamp player below and download the lead single from the LP, "Hush," for free here.

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